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Take a career break, push past limiting beliefs & more: inspiration for reaching your goals

Providing our insights, observations and advice on issues midlife business owners and Gen X professionals encounter at this busy stage of life is a core part of the conversations we have with clients, prospective clients and interested followers. Throughout 2021, our CEO Greg Patterson and COO Lisette Smith, CFP® expanded beyond financial planning, investments, and retirement plans to share their perspectives on career breaks, pushing past limiting beliefs, and how to create true freedom and fulfillment. Interviewed by top podcasters, Greg and Lisette covered a range of wealth & life topics from:

Midlife Perspectives – Highlighted episodes from 2021 to help with 2022 goals

If you have not yet tuned into any of these episodes, we invite you to listen.  As you contemplate what you what to achieve and contribute in 2022 and set goals for your life and your business/career, we hope Greg’s and Lisette’s words can inspire you to pursue more of what matters to you. Enjoy!

midlife career break

Work-life balance is changing

In this episode, Lisette shares how we should think of our work lives in chapters, rather than one long career that ends with one long retirement.  With the pandemic giving us “time to regroup” as re-assess what matters to us, Lisette talks about the best ways to plan for a Midlife Gap Year, and why early retirement may not be as desirable as career breaks or pauses along the way. For more midlife musings, go to midlifemixtape.com.

pace yourself with a career break

Prepare to ‘Go Long’

Greg talks with David C. Lee about how life is an endurance event and you have to prepare to go long.  Paralleling work-life with training for a triathlon, Greg shares insights about to find clarity, develop a plan, and get the support you need to achieve goals that you may think are impossible.  Listen in to get Greg’s value gems and the seven impactful takeaways.  See them all here, at the Dreamers, Believer, and High Achievers’ podcast website.


Career break in midlife

Successful women and career breaks

Geared specifically for successful midlife women, Lisette speaks with Kim Acedo, MS, CHWC about how women can plan for and take a Midlife Gap Year. Lisette talks through the new model of retirement and why career breaks are essential for your health and wealth.  Learn how to explore the possibilities, consider the outcomes, and get (re)invigorated!  Visit Kim’s Me Time Midlife podcast here.

Career break in midlife

Live your fulfilled life

Greg shared his inspirational Ironman story when he spoke with Uwe Dockhorn who hosts a podcast for High Achievers. Greg inspires listeners to reflect on what they want in life, do the “rocking chair test” and take the actions to live your most fulfilled life. Plus, you’ll hear his Goosebumps moment (What’s yours?)…  Visit the Lift-off with Energizing Results podcast here.

career break recovery

Make big life goals easier

The podcast, Playing Injured, hosted by Josh Dillingham, focuses on how we react, endure and overcome adversity and the mindset and attitude of what it takes to play through anything.  Greg shares the lessons he learned training in triathlons – from reverse engineering to design thinking – to help make big life goals easier to achieve for everyone.

midlife male limiting beliefs

Challenge limiting beliefs – midlife male to midlife male

Greg Patterson joins host Greg Scheinman to talk through the multi-faceted lives they lead as midlife men. From training for the Ironman World Championships to leadership insights from running The Advisory Group, Greg encourages you to think ahead and challenge your own limiting beliefs by articulating your goals and committing to what you may believe is impossible. It doesn’t matter if you are training for a Triathlon or planning for your retirement, coaching helps you know when to push or recover. What he shares in this interview can also apply to achieving any wild goal that you envision.  

At The Advisory Group, we strive to deliver life-changing advice that enables you to pursue your big goals with confidence. Our financial planning process uses Wealth & Life strategy to align your money with your life goals.  No matter what it is that you want to achieve, we can work with you to see how your resources can support you as you pursue your ideal life.  If you want perspective on the possibilities you are considering for your future, set up a complimentary consultation.  There is no time like now to start admitting what you want from your life, and for others. 

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