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Small business debt
★ Featured blog post

Using Debt to Get Your Business Through Coronavirus

The decision to take on debt is a significant one for any business in normal times.  For businesses severely affected by COVID-19 shutdowns, debt-use consideration takes on heightened importance.  If your business is able to …

★ Featured blog post

The rationale for investment manager changes

Sometimes we have to change the investments we hold in our clients' portfolios. We've talked about rebalancing and tax loss harvesting as ways to keep portfolios' allocation in check and lower tax bills, but …

Retirement Plan audit ERISA
★ Featured blog post

How to pick an auditor for your company's retirement plan

Audit season is in full swing for retirement plans, and if your company has a "large plan" (defined as more than 100 participants) you are required to undergo an annual audit by a CPA. …

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