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retirement plan sponsors
★ Featured blog post

The SECURE Act: What individuals, business owners and retirement plan sponsors need to know

Business owners, especially smaller employers, now have more incentives and options to offer retirement savings plan.  Individuals have additional opportunities to grow their retirement savings.  Signed in to law by the President on December 20, …

Business books for your mind and your shelf
★ Featured blog post

3 books we like for business owners

What are you going to read (or listen to) next? If you own a business and you have not read these three books, we highly recommend each one. Whether you want to form new habits, …

disaster preparation
★ Featured blog post

Is your business prepared for the next disaster?

Preparing your business for a natural disaster is as critical as preparing your home, yet many business owners do not have an emergency plan in place.  In the Bay Area, earthquakes are a constant threat with no advanced …

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