Midlife Gap Year Guide

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A Guide to a Midlife Gap Year

Considering a life pivot?  Is it time for a career break?  Ease into the change with a Midlife Gap Year

With high work pressure and family responsibilities, midlife is nothing short of challenging. Now with the pandemic’s upheaval, this time of life may seem even more intense.  You may even be contemplating a major life change.

Today’s Gen X business owners and leaders have a choice: keep working hard, sacrificing today’s enjoyment, to try to retire early OR take planned breaks from your career along the way, working longer with more energy and fulfillment.  Option #2 sounds much better!

Start making plans now

What better time to plan for your next phase of life than right now?  You can pause or slow down to rejuvenate or pivot…you just need to plan ahead.

With our step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to take an extended break from your career and still feel financially secure.  You’ll learn:

  • exercises to help you envision the experience that fits best for you and your family,
  • the 3-step process to evaluate and plan for the financial impact,
  • how to stress-test your plan so you can get past “no.”

Plus, we outline essential “re-entry” planning so you can transition back smoothly from your break.

Now is the time to prepare your post-pandemic plan!  Request your copy of this valuable guidebook by completing the form on this page.