identifying and achieving goals

Identifying and achieving goals: Perspectives from a Midlife Male [podcast episode]

Looking for stories of inspiration, success, finding balance, and overcoming adversity in business and life?  That’s what Greg Scheinman, host of The Midlife Male podcast delivers through candid, in-depth conversations with “Midlife Male” CEO’s, entrepreneurs and innovators in business, fitness, and hospitality. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a guest on Greg’s podcast. He asked me to share the lessons I’ve learned from training and qualifying for the 2021 Ironman World Championships along with leadership insights from running The Advisory Group. What I unpack in this interview can also apply to achieving any wild goal that you envision.  I invite you to listen to the full conversation and scroll down to get the highlights. 


Life Goals

You need to pause, take a deep breath, and articulate what it is you really want to do because sometimes it’s cooking around in the back of your mind, but you’ve never actually said it. And that sort of exploration is very invigorating and liberating.  Declare your goals out loud, write them down, and share them.    


Sticking with it is another key thing. A lot of times, people get part of the way through something and think they’re not on track or it’s never going to happen, so they give up. Working with a coach or an advisor can help you work through those things. You can see that other people have gone through this before, and what you’re experiencing right now is normal.


The catalyst to getting back into physical shape came when a friend of mine died after doing light exercise. I watched his family struggle emotionally and financially, and I started to feel irresponsible about not taking care of myself. I knew that taking care of myself was also about taking care of my family. So, I decided to sign up for a full Ironman so I really committed.  I knew that an Ironman would require real training; I couldn’t “fake it.”

Rest and recovery

High achievers often push the gas pedal to the floor, afraid to let up.  You’re going to do better if you make sure you have time to rest mentally and physically. As I added rest and recovery into my training regimen, I also became more productive at work. I became a better listener and more present at home, too. And my triathlon races were more successful.

A clear plan 

There’s a weight of stress and anxiety that builds up as you approach and experience midlife. And when you can disentangle that and create a clear path to follow in your finances and in your life, it’s exciting, and you feel like a kid again.

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