Markets react to coronavirus: how to weather the challenges ahead

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It was a very a difficult week. As the uncertain trajectory of COVID-19 upsets both public health systems and financial markets, we see how dramatically unexpected events can affect us. Coronavirus and its economic fallout, coupled with the Saudi/Russia oil tension, have created a unique mix of anxiety that makes markets particularly volatile. We cannot know, [Read More]

How we’re thinking about coronavirus

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The public’s concern about coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasing. As is often the case, concerns are frequently magnified by what’s called “negativity bias,” an evolutionary mechanism in the brain to minimize risk. More often than not, people over-react to potential risks. But sometimes the reaction is warranted. Regarding coronavirus, it is too soon to tell [Read More]

Lessons from a flat tire – gaining perspective on market volatility

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Is recent market volatility making you anxious? Gaining some perspective could help relieve that anxiety and ensure that you remain on track to reach your financial goals. Your financial journey is a lot like a long road trip. On your route from point A to point B, even while driving wisely, it is normal [Read More]

Markets do fine over time… but many investors don’t

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As the year turns, investors are bombarded with predictions about what 2017 may hold. Soothsayers will suggest strategies to avoid the next crisis or how not to miss the next great opportunity.

What do updated annual savings limits mean for planning?

By |2020-07-20T14:27:24-07:00November 23rd, 2016|Financial planning tips and perspectives, Investor behavior, Personal Wealth, Staying the course|

The IRS recently released the indexed dollar limits for qualified retirement plans for 2017. The amounts remain largely unchanged,

Is uncertainty a friend or foe?

By |2020-07-20T14:28:55-07:00October 14th, 2016|Fiduciary, Personal Wealth, Quarterly thoughts, Staying the course|

Surprise parties would surely be less fun without it, and life would generally be more boring if all outcomes were known in advance. And, while capital markets react negatively to increases in uncertainty, it is that very same absence of clear outcomes that makes the capital markets possible and worthwhile in the long-run. Unpredictability [Read More]

What to make of “Brexit”

By |2020-07-20T14:30:38-07:00June 30th, 2016|Fiduciary, General thoughts, Investor behavior, Personal Wealth, Staying the course|

SUMMARY: The United Kingdom's vote last week to leave the European Union has global significance, but it may take years to know the full impact. The U.K. is likely to feel long-term affects. In the short term, uncertainty about the degree of global ripple-effect makes investment markets nervous. Thoughts and general guidance are outlined [Read More]

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