Our investment philosophy

We tailor our investment advisory services to each Client’s specific goals, with a focus on the management of risk
that is consistent with each client’s overall strategic planning needs, rather than simply seeking the highest returns.

The Advisory Group believes in following well-designed and prudent processes to increase the probably and
consistency of successful results. Using your goals as the driver, we make investment decisions following the same
5-step process we use to build our personal financial plans.

We also leverage the thinking of multiple qualified and experienced investment professionals (from both our team and
our partners at Callan Associates, a leading institutional research firm) through our Investment Committee which
reviews all key steps in our investing process.

We utilize multiple factors to craft our investment portfolios. The key drivers include:

Strategic asset allocation rather than tactical (not market timing)
Deep diversification is paramount for return and risk control
Active and passive for efficiency and capitalization diversification
Investing for total return rather than income generation (e.g. dividends and interest)
Rebalancing as risk control and return enhancer
Tax-loss harvesting to offset investment gains and reduce taxes

As we implement our clients’ investment strategies, we select managers with a quality bias to dampen volatility and
we choose managers who hold a disciplined adherence to style (to minimize style drift). As a fee only advisor, we
seek transparent cost structures and maintain cost sensitivity to help improve results. Finally, we are dedicated to
ongoing education for our clients to help improve their outcomes.

At The Advisory Group of San Francisco, we offer both Personal Wealth and Retirement Plan
Services along with guidance for Endowments & Foundations.