Kelli Pallansch

Kelli Pallansch



  • M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • B.A. Western Washington University
    International Finance and French


  • Self-employed as Oncology Acupunturist & Shiatsu Therapist
  • Volunteer Acupuncturist at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic

Kelli works primarily with our institutional clients and team. She provides performance reporting and quantitative research that informs our portfolio management decisions. Kelli also supports our personal wealth team with technology integration solutions and reporting.  Kelli previously handled operations and research roles at a large investment company.

As a big picture data nerd, I have long been fascinated by markets and how they react to information. It’s humbling to work with such caring advisors who want the best for their clients and are present for both the ups and downs in their lives.

These days I want to visit places where friends, family, or connections of mine live to get a better glimpse at local culture and daily life.  Whether that’s in the US or abroad, I’m happy to experience their world. A bonus if that’s near water for swimming, scuba diving, and other water sports.

I am also an acupuncturist specializing in oncology, so I see patients with breast cancer, as well as their caretakers and loved ones. I am either in my clinic, in their homes, or at mine providing virtual consults or continuously learning something new.

I love baseball and have been known to play catch on occasion.  Of course I am a Giants fan, although for stadium games, I actually prefer the Sacramento River Cats, the San Jose Giants, or the San Rafael Pacifics.  I’m also a huge World Rugby Sevens fan and hope they come back soon for another series.