“The Gen-X sandwich solution” financial education webinars

Gen-Xers often find themselves sandwiched between launching their restless teenagers and worrying about their aging parents. In this 2-part educational series, join The Advisory Group’s Margaret Hiller, CFP® and Lisette Smith, CFP® as they share their professional expertise and personal insights from their own experience to help you reduce your stress and feel prepared for financial decisions you may need to make.

How to financially prepare and launch your children

Whether you’re parenting school-aged or helping young adult children, this webinar is for you!

You’ll learn:

  • the 5 legal documents your child needs when they turn 18
  • what to do if you overfunded your kid’s 529 plan
  • the often overlooked details around filing taxes and saving for retirement as a minor.

Plus, you’ll get tips on when and how to help your child understand personal finance.

Presented by Margaret Hiller, CFP®.

4 conversations to have with aging parents now

Concern for your parents as they age is another part of the Sandwich Generation mental load. Even healthy, active parents may need your help later.  This webinar teaches you what to anticipate and how to talk with your parents about their future.

You’ll learn:

  • how to approach sensitive subjects like finances and healthcare
  • the essential documents you’ll want to make sure they have
  • cool technology solutions that help you worry less if you’re far away

We’ll also share insight from our own experiences to help you feel prepared.

Presented by Lisette Smith, CFP®.

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