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Context and perspective to improve behavioral  finance patterns and  make smarter financial decisions. A focus above the fray, on what matters most for effective financial outcomes and goal achievement.

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    That’s one mean reversion!

    If historical 10-year average cycles are any predictor, now is not the time to abandon long-term strategies (see chart).  The response to excess in the form of the dot-com-bomb and the credit-crunch-chaos caused the last 10 years to be one of the worst in U.S. history.  However, notice that weak 10-year periods always overshoot the […]

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    Danger and Opportunity

    We understand that the Chinese character for “crisis” is actually a composite of two other characters: “danger” and “opportunity.”  The current financial crisis certainly feels dangerous.  That is the part that is emphasized by the press and which catches our attention.  There is no denying the shock and damage done to financial markets and the […]

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